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About us

EBU Technical Labs is about innovation with development of demonstrators, tools and services based on new standards and emerging technologies for broadcasters. The objective are

  • To build demonstrators and experiment new services with broadcasters.
  • To offer broadcasters open tools that can be integrated with their production systems to experiment and test new services with their stations.
  • To help to break the chicken-and-egg situation between the industry and broadcasters by enabling¬† faster adoption on broadcaster level.
  • To establish a contact with industry for integration of new standards and make the link with broadcasters.
  • To collaborate with other development communities in broadcaster organisation, government research centers or industry.
  • To create building blocks for applications on smartphone and tablet PC.

At the moment, the tools on this server are focused on hybrid radio but will be extended to other media domains in the future. Please note that all the tools proposed here are designed for experimentation mainly and so are proposed free of charge. The license are based on GPL or LGPL to offer broadcasters and industry to reuse the code or building blocks if they need to. Please contact us if you are interested.