Content manager v2.0

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Content Manager

The Content Manager is a visual production tool which is able to generate on the fly visualisation for DAB slideshow and RadioVIS. .NET framework based, it is developped in C# and is distributed under LGPL licence.

Key features

Content Manager Slide Example

  • Generate slides on the fly
  • User interface or HTTP input
  • Outputs: STOMP, FTP, different file formats/quality
  • XML-based slides
  • Data aggregator: RSS feeds, pictures, watch folder, Video Snapshots


Current version 2.0.4 : download (change log)

Stable version ( : download

Shows example

EBU Digital Radio Showcase

Data folder : DRC show
Replay of the show :


Configuration File
Slides Canvas
Remote control via HTTP


Configuration of the user interface

  • slidecarts.xml
    Definition of the slidecarts varcarts of the interface


The project is hosted on Google Code and distributed under LGPL license.
It is part of the EBU Radio Production Project:

Since August 1st 2012, the Content Manager (v2) has been forked in an independent project:

More info: